Blue and Yellow for Down Syndrome (October)

Blue and Yellow for Down Syndrome (October)

Yellow and Blue are the colors for Down Syndrome. 

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by abnormal cel division from chromosome 21.  There can be a wide range of developmental delays and physical disabilities caused by this disorder.  Althugh there are 3 types of Down Syndrome but 95% is accounted for by Trisomy 21.

Down Syndrome is identified at birth- low muscle tone, upward slant to the eyes, flattened facial profile, and small hands and feet are some features of those with this diagnosis.  

Children may present with short stature, speech delay and/or learning disability as well as other medical diagnosis or complications.  

One major risk factor is the age of the mother.  

Although there is no cure for Down Syndrome, getting the right help early can make a difference.  These children may take longer to reach important goals like walking, talking, and developing social skills BUT they can live a full and meaningful life!


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