About Reignbows

Reignbows mission is to help those who are overlooked because of their disability feel beautiful and special --advocating for disabled children, everywhere.

Our pieces are quirky, offbeat, whimsical and sometimes a little sassy and  mischievous.

We create handmade items for babies 1 mo - 5 years old, offering a variety of hair bows (materials depend on the season) baby blankets, booties, barefoot sandals and tutu dresses/skirts.

Reignbows has been an exhibitor at the Special Needs Expo in Birmingham, Alabama USA every year, educating, advocating and learning about others and their disabilities.

Your orders allow Reignbows to donate to NICUs across the nation, helping newborns in need of intensive medical care -- providing around-the-clock care to babies in need.

And your support helps Reignbows donate to local schools and hospitals in Birmingham as well as other hospitals nationally, including those in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida!

It started with a “bow”...

Reign was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Visual Impairment, and Quadriplegia. She is also non-verbal. 

As a nurse, working in the school setting at the time, Tankea, Reign's mother and co-owner of Reignbows, saw how those with disabilities and children with special needs are often mistreated or overlooked. Not only in the school setting but everywhere- including doctor’s offices.  

When Reign was first born, Taneka knitted a hair bow for her. People would often ask her where she bought the bow and would be surprised when she told them that she made it.

That’s when Reignbows was created. 

From There, Reignbows Expanded...

Adding other items such as baby blankets and booties for winter, barefoot sandals and crop tops for spring/summer.

Not really a fan of anything “traditional,” we love items that “say” something different! Something quirky, mischievous, and frisky.

Giving Back

Through Reignbows, we've been able to donate to various hospitals (NICU) local organizations, and schools throughout Birmingham Alabama USA. 

Reign has been featured in several newspapers and articles and she and I were awarded at the Purple and Green Gala hosted by Our Children’s Story. Org in 2020. 

“iReign” was an Amazon best selling book in 2019.

We are here to educate, advocate, and inspire those with and without special needs through our apparel and handmade gifts that are playful and sometimes offbeat.

Because we are Reignbows, there are some majestic pieces as well. 

Reign is known throughout Birmingham. People often ask about her- so, we started doing videos “for the people.”  When she was younger, I would bring her with me to the shop.

Now, it takes a little more planning and effort to do that. Videos/pictures keeps her connected to everyone.

Stay Connected

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