Lavendar for Infantile Spasms (December)

Lavendar for Infantile Spasms (December)

Infantile Spasms is a type of seizure in children under 12 months old.  They usually happen in clusters every 5-10 seconds.  Babies affected may have developmental delays, cognitive, neurologic, and sensory issues. 

An EEG is done to monitor brain activity.  CAT scans and MRIs may help healthcare providers determine what is causing the spasms.  Infantile spasms are often overlooked BUT should not be. This is an emergency. It is often misdiagnosed as colic, reflux or exaggerated startle reflex.

Medications may be prescribed to control spasms.  Infantile spasms usually go away by 2-4 years of age. Many children with infantile spasms develop other kinds of seizures/ epilepsy later in life. 

 Brain malformations, infections, brain injury, abnormal blood vessels in the brain, certain metabolic and genetic disorders, and Vit B 6 deficency may cause these spasms. 

Treatment is directed towards minimizing symptoms- usually seizure medication and muscle relaxants. Seizures can be subtle but can have serious complications if left untreated.  

Complications include: loss of eyesight, speech, hearing, writing skills, and gross motor development. 

The earlier the symptoms are recognized and treated, the better the outcome. 


Reignbows supports all special needs and disabilities.  Reign was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome, Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy and Quadriplegia.  She is also nonverbal and visually impaired.  

Working in the medical field for more than 25 years, the need for more awareness for this community became apparent.  Advocating, educating, and inspiring other families is important to Reignbows. 



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