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Pink and Blue is for SIDS (October)

October is the month to recognize SIDS (Sudden Infancy Death Syndrome) is the sudden death of a baby younger than 1 year old. 

The colors associated with this condition are pink and blue. 

With SIDS, there is no exact cause, symptoms or warning signs. Some factors that may contribute to SIDS are baby cribs, sleeping position and possibly physical problems such as sharing a bed, soft surfaces or overheating.  SIDS is most common between the ages of 2-4 months and usually occurs during the weekend months. 

Some ways to avoid this tragedy from occurring is to: place baby on its back when sleeping, avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy, bed sharing (if possible) and get regular prenatal care.

Parents can benefit from counseling and/or psychotherapy to cope with the loss of their child.  

If you know someone who lost a child to SIDS: be comforting, offer your help and support.  

If there are other siblings, allow them to work through their grief in their own way.  Counseling may help them as well- as they may react to loss differently than adults.

Memorial Keepsakes are a good way to honor their memory. 


SIDS, Prematurity, Child Loss, Still Birth

Reignbows supports all children with Special needs and disabilities.  Reign was born with multiple diagnoses including Dandy Walker Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegia, Hydrocephalus and Visual Impairment. 

As a Child Life Specialist and a nurse of 25 years, the need for awareness, education, and advocacy became apparent.

By purchasing a bow or sandal, you are supporting a cause and a community that is often overlooked. 

No matter what,  " iReign "


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