Teal for DiGeorge Syndrome (November)

Teal for DiGeorge Syndrome (November)

It is amazing that our bodies are made of so many tiny materials. Cells, membranes, molecules, chromosomes, DNA.... Any glitch in our cell structure can cause a multitude of illnesses, diseases or disorders.

DiGeorge Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when a small part of chromosome 22 is missing.  Signs and symptoms of this disorder include cleft palate, congenital heart defects, an underdeveloped chin, delayed growth and developmental milestones, learning disabilities, language and speech problems, hearing loss, seizures and kidney dysfunction.  

One may have several of these conditions. Not necessarily all of them. 

Children with this disorder are prone to frequent and severe infections because T cells (cells that fight infection) are not properly produced. It is important for them to remain as healthy as possible. 

The risk of developing psychiatric problems later in life is associated with this condition as well.

Early intervention can be beneficial for children with impaired cognitive and behavioral development. In most cases, a social worker in the hospital or a teacher at school may be able to point you in a good direction for early intervention programs in your area.  The sooner help is received, the better the outcome. 

Reignbows supports all those with special needs or disabilities through our handmade accessories and apparel.  Reign was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Hydrocephalus.  She is non verbal and visually impaired.  Our goal is to educate and advocate for those who are often overlooked and/or underserved.

No matter what, "iReign"

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